Sonolope is an App that enables you to generate three-dimensional sound-scapes as you move around.

It uses an App installed on your smart-phone or smart-watch. As a performer you would hold, or have strapped to your body somewhere, your smart-phone or smart-watch. When you move a specific sound linked to your device is produced: this could be a piano, a synthesised, a set of samples, or any other kind of sound. The sounds move around the room in three dimensions and respond to your movements with changes in pitch, volume and duration. The quicker you move the phone the louder the sound will be. The longer you move it for the longer the sound will sustain for.

The effect is that you feel directly connected to a sound – after a few minutes practice you will be able to easily control how your sound behaves.

You can have several users using the system at one time – each controlling their own sound or set of samples. The system can be set up to randomly change the sounds assigned to each user to give some variation.

All of the user’s smart-phones or smart-watches connect to a master device which actually produces the sounds and connects to the speakers in the room.


The system has been refined so that performers don’t need to concern themselves with exactly how they move the phone – movement in any axis will trigger the sound – leaving them to concentrate on the link between their movements and the sound produced.

Sonolope has been developed by Simon East at Curvor and Dr. Maria Kapsali from the School of Performance and Cultural Industries at Leeds University.